WhatsApp Business Catalogue: A Beginners Guide

What is WhatsApp Business Catalogue?

WhatsApp Business catalogue is a lifesaver feature in WhatsApp business app for every small and mid-sized business who want to grow their business online.

You have the power to create your mini store right on the WhatsApp for Business mobile app using catalogue feature, which helps you to connect better with your customers and increase your sales.

Can I create my own Ecommerce store using WhatsApp Business Catalogue?

At present, You can upload your products/services photos, product name, product description, Product link to your ecommerce store link and product code.

But very soon, you will be able to accept the payment through WhatsApp Pay and your customers will be able to place orders on your products and services right on WhatsApp business app.

How do I upload my products or services in WhatsApp Business catalogue?

You can create and manage your products or services in WhatsApp for Business Catalogue feature, Below are the fields that you can create –

  • Product photo gallery
  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product link (Incase if you have ecommerce store)
  • Product SKU or Internal Code

Please let me know in the comments, Did you created the WhatsApp Catalogue for your business?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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