How to Build an Amazing Websites and Ecommerce Websites using WordPress DIVI Theme?

Over the last few years, Its been quite easy to build websites and ecommerce websites without doing the coding.

The development company used to charge huge money for the websites and ecommerce websites because they were developing the website from the ground up, writing the HTML, CSS and JS code then they used to fit their code to CMS platform compliant. E.g. WordPress or Joomla etc.

Now the time is changing. Graphic designers and website designers also need to evolve as per the industry standards. Instead of developing the designs from the ground up and taking too much time to write the code to develop websites is now old school things.

Now you can design amazing websites and ecommerce websites in just a few hours with few clicks instead of writing long lines of code.

It’s that EASY! It’s like just Drag-and. Drop.

There are a lot of page builders has come up in the market on top of WordPress CMS. The leading two-page builders are DIVI Theme and Elementor. Both are industry best page builders themes which work well with the WordPress CMS.

I recommend DIVI Theme from elegant themes which is my favourite which I am using now from last four years actively and has got perfect experience using the theme.

It’s convenient, and you can build the creative designs in just a few hours for your websites, blog or ecommerce websites.

I have put up a FREE Training on YouTube for you so you can quickly learn how easy it is to build amazing websites and ecommerce websites using DIVI Theme.

Watch it here…

Now let me tell you why you should give preference to buy DIVI Themes from Elegant Themes.

  • Easy to use UI and page builder – DIVI Theme has got very clean UI and page builder functionality which allows its users to load pages and build designs that users want quickly.
  • Pre-made templates – DIVI team keeps on updating two website templates every week for different types of businesses. At the time of writing this blog, They have 160 templates to choose from like Real estate, Restaurant, Car dealership, Doctors, Architect and all the other businesses which you might have operating in.
  • Quick shortcuts are available throughout the DIVI theme – Users have got a lot of flexibility when they are building websites, They can quickly change colours, change font size, Change fonts for the entire page at once. The DIVI theme allows you to save time while designing the website.
  • Global Header and Global Footer Module – with DIVI Theme, you don’t need to depend on the WordPress default header and footer options. You can customize your header in the footer and design it according to your expectations. You can either use the same header and footer design across your website, or you can build different headers and footers for a different set of pages within your website.
  • Highly Secure Theme – DIVI team keeps on updating the theme to ensure the theme stay updated and a compliant new version of WordPress, PHP and MySQL Database.


So I would highly recommend you to go ahead and buy the DIVI Theme today and start building websites, blogs, ecommerce website without the need for coding.

I wish you the best!

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