Google Ads Lead Form Extension – Step by Step Guide

What is Google Ads Lead Form Extension?

Finally, Google Ads has launched the Lead Form extension to help products and services companies who need to generate leads right from the Search Ads itself.

Without sending the website visitors to your website or a landing page, Now you can collect the leads from pre-build lead generation form using Search ads.

Why businesses should use lead form extension in search ads?

Any business whether you sell product or services, You could leverage the lead form extension feature using search ads campaign. It’s easy to set up, and you can generate high-quality leads in no time.

when a person searches for a specific search term in Google search, they get to see an ad and then within an add; There is a CTA button attached to it.

Once you click on it, then a person can submit their contact information to the advertiser which you can download it using Google Ads interface.

How to setup Lead form extension using google search ads?

Let me tell you the step by step process to this in a video so you learn to set up your first lead generation campaign through Google Ads.

  • Login to Google Ads Dashboard
  • Create a new Search Ads campaign
  • Setup ad groups with your targeted keywords and other campaign set up activities
  • Click on “Ads & Extension” tab, and then go to Extension
  • Under the extension, click on the “+” icon and choose “Lead Form Extension
  • Once you are in, Setup all the details which are required to be set up (watch the video to understand step by step process)

Let me know in the comments below, How did you find this step by step tutorial on setting up your first lead generation campaign in Google Ads.

I look forward to reading your comments.

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